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Download Fertilization and Embryonic Development In Vitro by John D. Biggers (auth.), Luigi Mastroianni Jr., John D. PDF

By John D. Biggers (auth.), Luigi Mastroianni Jr., John D. Biggers (eds.)

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Indeed, we do not know the minimal serum progesterone threshold necessary to initiate and maintain pregnancy in these nonhuman primates or women. The findings presented indicate the necessity for similar clinical investigations to scrutinize thoroughly the effects of follicular aspiration on corpus luteum function as a potential contributing factor in failures to achieve and sustain pregnancy after IVF and ET in humans. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We gratefully acknowledge the expert technical assistance of Ms.

Clin. Endocrinol. Metab. 43:3699. 3 ANALYSIS OF CULTURE MEDIA FOR IN VITRO FERTILIZATION AND CRITERIA FOR SUCCESS BARRY D. BAVISTER In mammals, fertilization takes place in a protected and well-controlled environment within the oviduct. Due to the obvious difficulty of studying fertilization in situ, in vitro fertilization techniques have been utilized in an attempt to understand this crucial stage of embryonic development. In these procedures, the male and female gametes are brought together in a suspending medium that is intended to provide satisfactory conditions for sperm penetration, fertilization, and cleavage to occur.

Rec. 174:9-20. , 1975, Acceleration of the acrosome reaction and activation of guinea pig spermatozoa by detergents and other reagents, BioI. Reprod. 13:519-526. , and Chang, M. , 1963, Fertilization of hamster eggs in vitro, Nature (London) 200:281-282. , 1974, Calcium dependence of the acrosome reaction and activation of guinea-pig spermatozoa, Exp. Cell Res. 89: 161-174. Zaneveld, L. J. , and Williams, W. , 1970, A sperm enzyme that disperses the corona radiata and its inhibition by decapacitation factor, BioI.

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