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Download Analysis and Presentation of Experimental Results by R. H. Leaver, T. R. Thomas (auth.) PDF

By R. H. Leaver, T. R. Thomas (auth.)

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2 Sheppard's correction The variance calculated from grouped data may be improved by applying Sheppard's correction. corrected variance = {calculated variance from grouped data) = -c2/12 where c is the class interval. The method may be extended to the calculation of higher moments. The correction must be used with care as it only really applies to cases where the frequency curve has long low tails at each end, and where the curve may reasonably be approximated by a series of trapezoids. 4 Normal Distribution There are many different frequency distributions in statistics, some of which we shall meet later in the book, but one in particular applies to the theory of errors.

1972) Theory and design of copper cylinder. Trans. Am. Soc. mech. Engrs 89F, 477-581. Erstwhile, K. M. (l968)Maschinenfabriken das Cylinders, SpringerVerlag, Berlin. Glaswegian, G. G. (1971) Cylinder turning: towards a new theory of centrifugal-force. Proc. R. Soc. A293, 38-147. I. Initials omitted; authors not in alphabetical order. 2. Title should be given in language of publication. 3. Title omitted. 4. Page numbers omitted. 5. All authors' names should be given in full. 6. Abbreviation is not according to World List of Scientific Periodicals.

In this particular case the difference is not important, as it is actually rather easier to time a pendulum than to measure its length. Consider, however, the flow Vofliquid of viscosity 11 through a capillary of radius a and length L under a pressure difference p given by . 7) 41 ERRORS AND THEIR SIGNIFICANCE Suppose we wished to make use of this phenomenon to measure the viscosity of the liquid. 7 and applying the superposition of errors theorem gives us finally In other words, the fractional error in a contributes four times as much to the derived error in 11 as any of the other variables.

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