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Download Abundance and Anxiety: America, 1945-1960 by Gary A. Donaldson PDF

By Gary A. Donaldson

The usa had super possibilities after global battle II. The nation's commercial may perhaps, geared to defeat Germany and Japan, might now be interested in family construction. genuine wages have been up, the GNP was once at the upward push, business creation was once up, and inflation was once less than keep watch over. the longer term appeared brilliant for the typical American. yet this abundance used to be punctuated with anxiousness. inside 4 years of the tip of the warfare, the Soviet Union had turn into the recent enemy: they'd the bomb and China and japanese Europe had fallen into the Soviet sphere of impact. those issues, the abundance of the starting to be economic climate and the nervousness of the chilly conflict, outlined the interval from 1945-1960.

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He knew it would be difficult to dislodge Stalin’s armies from Poland and the rest of eastern Europe, but he believed strongly that he could convince Stalin that the Soviet Union had nothing to fear from the West in the postwar era. –Soviet alliance would continue, and that the Soviet leader did not need an eastern Europe buffer against the West. Indeed, Roosevelt believed, as his advisers and American liberals like columnist Walter Lippmann believed, that failure at Yalta might plunge the world into an arms race and ultimately a third world war.

Truman responded by sending a fleet of warships to the eastern Mediterranean, and the Soviets immediately dropped their demands. Another confrontation was developing over Greece. In the turmoil since the end of the war, Greece had come under the control of a reactionary government supported by the British. A Communist-led guerrilla war had broken out in the last months of World War II, although Stalin apparently did not expect a Communist victory there and offered no aid to the guerrillas. On February 21, 1947, the British ambassador to the United States delivered a message to the State Department that was blunt and to the point: The British, having ‘‘already strained their resources to the utmost,’’ wished to inform the United States that their assistance to Greece and Tur- New World Order and Origins of the Cold War 37 key (where British financial and military aid had been significant) would terminate on March 31.

Increasingly, Truman was becoming the only choice left. The ADA came to the convention prepared to force the issue on civil rights. Truman had decided to evade that issue through much of 1948, when the South became increasingly hostile to his earlier civil rights stance, 18 Abundance and Anxiety and he intended to backpedal at the convention and have the vague 1944 civil rights plank placed in the platform. 18 That, of course, would keep the South in line, but probably at the expense of northern African-American and liberal votes.

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