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Download A Wilderness Christmas by Madeline Baker PDF

By Madeline Baker

4 early American vacation romances contain "Loving Devlin" by way of Madeline Baker, "The Fourth present" by way of Elizabeth Chadwick, "Christmas shock" through Norah Hess, and "Christmas celebrity" via Connie Mason. Reissue.

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He had chosen a white woman over his own people and there were some, including his own brother, who would never forgive him for that. Sitting there, wrapped in a thick fur, Devlin watched several young boys as they set up a target, then took turns testing their skill with the bow. Memories of his own childhood came flooding back. Surely there was no life better than that of a young Apache boy. He had no responsibilities, but was free to run and play all the day long. He had learned to ride, to hunt the deer and the buffalo, the rabbit and the fox, to read the tracks of man and beast, to distinguish a friend from an enemy by a moccasin print.

Esatai watched her for a moment and then, sensing her confusion, he pulled two long sticks from one of the parfleches, skewered the rabbits, and laid them over the hot coals. "You watch," he said. Sarah nodded that she understood, and Esatai went back to work on his arrow, leaving her to turn the meat so it didn't burn. Page 52 When the rabbits were cooked, Esatai cut the meat into chunks and dumped it into a large wooden bowl, which he placed between them. Reaching into one of the parfleches, he pulled out something that looked like a stuffed sausage.

The warrior spoke to her, his words harsh, guttural, and totally without meaning. She watched, mesmerized with fear, as he laid his hand over her stomach. Page 20 "No apu," he remarked, and then smiled, his teeth very white against the hideous black paint that covered most of his face. In a distant part of Sarah's mind, she realized the Indian was pleased that she was pregnant. She also realized that he wasn't Apache. Her first reaction was relief. Apaches had killed Vern. Her relief quickly turned to despair.

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