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Download A Pirate of Her Own by Kinley MacGregor PDF

By Kinley MacGregor

Few comprehend Morgan Drake's actual name—but many worry the ocean Wolf, the scourge of the sea, a fearless pirate who frees inspired American sailors from British vessels. Now a stunning reporter is prepared to probability her lifestyles, her innocence, and her center to bare the secrets and techniques that Morgan is set to guard at any expense . . . A headstrong and brave younger lady in a man's international, Serenity James is familiar with she is just tolerated in her father's newspaper place of work. An particular tale in regards to the dreaded Sea Wolf, even though, will earn her the dignity she so fervently wishes. yet she by no means anticipated to be abducted by way of the horny and unsafe brigand whose daring exploits have fired her imagination—or to find the journey she's consistently longed for in Morgan Drake's passionate caress.

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Honor blushed a becoming shade of pink. “I’m so sorry,” she said, taking her sister’s hands. “You meant Serenity, of course. ” Clearing his throat, Morgan wished again that they were alone. It was enough that one Miss James threatened his secret identity. Two of them being able to identify him was two too many. ” they answered together. They turned their heads to look at one another. A PIRATE OF HER OWN 51 A sudden doubt prickled the back of Morgan’s neck. Either both women were consummate liars or the confusion that creased both their brows was sincere.

Was this some trick to throw him off guard? Aye, distraction was a clever ruse. One he had used countless times against his opponents. Blindside your foe with inconsequential matters until he loses his focus. Then he’s yours. It was a ploy that worked almost as well as his glare. But he wasn’t one to fall for such trickery. No one made a fool of Morgan Drake. Nor did anyone ever get the better of him. ” Moving to stand by his side, she laughed again. “As if you didn’t know,” she said, laying a gentle hand on his arm and giving a light squeeze.

Serenity covered her mouth with her hand and took a step back. “Oh, heavens to Betsy,” she murmured, her face pale and mortified. Morgan lifted one corner of his mouth into a smile. God’s blood, it was all just a bizarre coincidence. Then Douglas smiled. “Is this another of your games, Miss Serenity? You really should warn me. ” He extended his hand to Morgan. ” Morgan wanted to laugh aloud. So, this was the man she’d been talking about earlier. A PIRATE OF HER OWN 53 And she had assumed . . And then he had assumed .

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