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By S. L. Carpenter

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The Runaway Princess (Princess, Book 1)

Unique e-book: 1999

English orphan omit Evangeline Scoffield has spent her lifestyles contenting herself with desires. yet with an unforseen inheritance, she will be able to find the money for one ideal summer--a summer time she is going to spend the remainder of her lifestyles remembering. She buys herself dear outfits, travels out of the country, and provides herself as a girl of mystery.

But she fast discovers her mistake, for a darkly good-looking guy looks at her bed room door, claiming to be a Crown Prince--and her fiance.

Or the Ever After of Her Dreams?
One investigate her eyes, and the prince acknowledges her. She is his betrothed, the runaway Princess of Serephinia. All her denials can't switch that, or regulate the fervour that burgeons among them. To fullfil their destinies, the prince will do anything--abduct her, coerce her, or, better of all seduce his reluctant bride into his royal international of peril, promise and fervour.

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