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Download A Lady of His Own (Bastion Club, Book 3) by Stephanie Laurens PDF

By Stephanie Laurens

Unique booklet: 2004

The seven participants of the Bastion membership have served loyally within the perilous carrier of the Crown. Now they've banded jointly to help each other via their most deadly venture of all: getting married.

When Charles St. Austell returns domestic to assert his identify as earl, and to settle speedy on an appropriate spouse to boot, he discovers that have has made him impatient of the younger women who vie for his attention—with the exception of woman Penelope Selborne. Years in the past, Charles and Penelope's younger ardor used to be consummated in an unforgettable afternoon. Charles remains to be haunted by means of their interlude, yet Penny refuses to have something extra to do with him.

If controlling her center was once tough prior to, resisting a far better, battle-hardened Charles is easily nigh very unlikely, but Penelope has vowed she won't make an identical mistake two times, nor will she marry with out love. but if a traitorous intrigue attracts them jointly, then finally threatens them both—will Penny observe she has a real protector in Charles, her first and merely love, who now vows to make her his personal?

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She smiled demurely. „My dear little vice-president,“ Lang intoned in a velvety drawl, „I would give a great deal to see you tipsy. Shall we take our snifters into the living room? “ Kali found herself following obediently, distantly aware that the tension between them had softened, grown muted and warm during the course of dinner. She knew she had wound up telling him more about herself than she had planned. With a wine-induced clarity she realized she had somehow wanted to impress him a little.

With a feeling of even greater caution, she rang the doorbell. When there was no immediate answer, she rang it again, frowning slightly as she wondered if she had the right address after all. Then, with a surprisingly ponderous movement, the door opened. Kali found herself staring in astonishment into an empty hall. There was no one behind the door. „You are most welcome. “ The metallic, monotone voice emanating from somewhere near the level of her waist made Kali gasp and jump back a step, one hand going instinctively to her startled, open mouth.

A lock of russet hair fell forward over one eye and the wicked smile he gave her had a strange effect on her senses. Kali turned quickly away, scooping up the mugs of cold coffee and starting eagerly toward the kitchen. She realized as she poured out fresh coffee that she wasn’t all that certain now of his mood. He didn’t seem angry or even very irritated any longer but she wasn’t sure exactly what had replaced the earlier emotion. Perhaps if she could get enough coffee down him he really would settle down to business.

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