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I suggest that you attempt to remember what a real gauge water pressure is, and what an excess head of water represents, independently, and to translate between the two when necessary on an ad hoc A GUIDE TO SOIL MECHANICS 36 basis. 6. 6 Steady saturated percolation There is clearly zero gauge pore pressure in the soil at both its top and bottom surfaces. Only the sketching of standpipes makes clear that the excess head at any point in the soil is simply equal to its elevation above the base, so that the downward hydraulic gradient is unity while zero pore pressures persist through the whole layer.

The west wing was founded over the peat and had settled, whereas the south wing, which was resting on the highly competent gravels in the old sewer trench that had replaced the peat, had evidently remained in position. A number of questions remained, however. Why was the damage delayed until 6 months after completion of the bungalow? How had other buildings escaped damage, and would they remain safe in future? Was the builder negligent? The clue that allowed the engineer to resolve these problems was the presence in the mystery of the dimension of time.

The engineer will have in his mind, in these cases, that the flow of water may cause a ground movement. He will nevertheless apply the seepage model, which deals with flow through a rigid matrix, and deduce from the model the forces acting on that rigid matrix, following this by an analysis to determine whether or not the matrix can really remain rigid under these applied loads. This consecutive application of models that have specific limitations is typical of the engineer's method of establishing approximate solutions to problems that are essentially impossible.

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