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Download A Duke to Die For: The Rogues' Dynasty by Amelia Grey PDF

By Amelia Grey

What is a roguish younger nobleman imagined to do with a shockingly stunning younger ward?
The Duke of Blakewell believes he'd greater marry her off as quickly as attainable, sooner than he supplies in to temptation himself...

But Henrietta does not desire a husband— she desires her independence...
certain that she includes a curse that killed her earlier guardians, Henrietta simply wishes the duke to signal over her inheritance prior to whatever negative befalls him...

In a second of ardour, they turn into scandalously entangled, and unexpectedly the duke needs to take Henrietta's curse heavily, and he or she needs to take drastic measures to avoid wasting the only guy she may perhaps love...

Praise for Amelia Grey's Regency romances:

Affaire de Coeur:
"Each new Amelia gray story is a diamond. Ms. Grey... is a grasp storyteller."

"Witty discussion and smart schemes… Grey's bright characters will allure readers."

Romantic Times:
"This beguiling romance steals your middle, lifts your spirits, and lighting up the pages with humor and passion."

Library Journal:
"Readers can be speedy drawn in by means of the full of life speed, the attractive protagonists, and the sexual chemistry that just about visibly shimmers between."

"Such a tantalizing and humorous learn, you will not have the ability to positioned it down."

A Romance Review:
"If you love Amanda speedy, you'll completely love Amelia gray… enjoyable, fast moving, and extremely sensual."

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When Henrietta was twelve, Peggy, who was more than twice Henrietta’s age, had been hired to be her maid, and they had been together ever since. The short Irish woman had no trouble taking orders from the younger Henrietta. Peggy’s round figure was always hidden beneath a simple, dark grey dress and white, starched apron. Her thick red hair was always neatly covered with a white mopcap trimmed with delicate lace. “I don’t think you have ever been given a room this splendid, Miss Henri,” Peggy said.

Besides, how his desk looked was no concern of hers. Reluctantly, she turned away from the untidy desk and focused her attention on the bookshelves again. She found The Forbidden Path, plucked it from the shelf, and tucked it under her arm, determined to leave and go to her room, and read until she fell asleep. However, she made the mistake of looking at the desk once again and, despite every fiber of her being telling her no, she walked back over to it and stood near enough to touch it. 38 Amelia Grey But she couldn’t touch one thing on the desk.

It hung thick and straight to just below his earlobes. Clean-shaven, his 22 Amelia Grey chiseled cheekbones and well-defined jawline accentuated a slightly square chin. His full, masculine-shaped lips and narrow, high-bridged nose matched his aristocratic demeanor, not to mention making him handsome enough to set her heart to fluttering. But most intriguing of all were his eyes. They were an unusual shade of grayish brown that was similar in color to that of weathered wood. And for a moment, when she first stared into his captivating eyes, she had the feeling she could look into them forever and never grow tired.

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