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Download A Bewitching Bride (Berkley Sensation) by Elizabeth Thornton PDF

By Elizabeth Thornton

Whilst these round her commence assembly tragic fates, Kate Cameron is familiar with she's next-until she's rescued by way of psychic Gavin Hepburn. yet after an evening of hiding jointly, Kate is branded a fallen lady and compelled into marriage with Gavin-an association that matches Gavin's objective to do something it takes to maintain Kate secure from a killer haunting her previous. For this enigmatic and lonely good looks has turn into the unforeseen love of his lifestyles.

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The party was still going on but, because she’d begun to feel chilled, she excused herself and went to her own room for a shawl. She’d forgotten about her maid. ” The girl was only sixteen or so, and fresh off the farm. She usually worked in the kitchen, but her heart was set on becoming a lady’s maid. This was her first try, and she meticulously followed every rule she’d read in Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management. Mrs. Beeton’s book was as revered as the Bible in Kate’s house and read far more often.

He’d paid for many such gowns in his time. As though she felt his gaze, the girl turned her head and looked directly into his eyes. He felt a buzz pass through his brain. For a moment or two, he was completely disoriented. Words formed inside his head: Are you the one? Is this what had brought him back to the Highlands? Was this slip of a girl the key to his visions? Are you the one? he silently demanded. After a moment, she seemed to come to herself and dragged her eyes away. ” Will Rankin looked in the direction Gavin had indicated.

They’d all met when they had attended a newly opened progressive girls’ school in Aberdeen. They’d seen how their mothers spent their days, cutting flowers in the hothouse, attending frequent tea parties with other ladies, and doing charity work to fill the long hours, and they’d wanted none of it. Universities, at least some of them, were allowing women to take their entrance examinations. Things were changing. They could be anything they wanted: scholars, doctors, lawyers, explorers . . Their fathers, sadly, were not as progressive as the school they’d sent their daughters to, and it took a great deal of money to send a child to university.

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