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Download 863 Buddhist Ways to Conquer Life's Little Challenges by Barbara Ann Kipfer PDF

By Barbara Ann Kipfer

BUDDHA’S solutions TO LIFE’S day-by-day DILEMMAS

Is it attainable to discover peace of brain in rush hour site visitors? how will you sit back with the consistent ringing of your cellular phone? while is there time for mindfulness in the course of a chaotic workday?

863 Buddhist how one can overcome Life’s Little Challenges exhibits the best way to triumph over the hitches, hiccups and hardships of recent existence throughout the knowledge of Buddha. You don’t must be a Buddhist to profit from the tips during this e-book. Open to any web page and you’ll discover a real-life challenge by way of an easy-to-apply answer for conquering it in a spiritually satisfying demeanour.

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WISDOM: Appreciate each moment as a vehicle for developing wisdom. SITUATION: On a family vacation in the mountains, your car goes off the road and crashes into a tree. No one in the car is seriously hurt, but you all have minor injuries. The area is very desolate, and you have no cell phone service. It is getting late, and you are getting scared about your situation. WISDOM: Do not doubt your abilities or give up hope. Show your resolve to take action and do the best you can under the difficult circumstances.

WISDOM: Eating choices produce a measurable cause and effect on our bodies. The food we eat changes the way we look and feel. It can even change our moods. SITUATION: What could be better? It is a beautiful day outside and you are preparing a salad with locally grown ingredients that look beautiful. WISDOM: Happy cooks make happy food. SITUATION: Time is short, and you are feeling pressure to create the perfect holiday meal for your entire family. WISDOM: Remind yourself to pause and reflect on food’s higher purpose at every meal.

You waste valuable time running around doing simple things. WISDOM: A hectic situation breeds more of the same. To organize your life, begin with your mind. Meditation and deep breathing can help you calm and organize your mind so that you become less distracted and can keep your life in order. SITUATION: You made a promise to yourself to find at least 20 minutes every day to meditate. But some days, between family and work responsibilities, it seems impossible to find even 20 minutes you can set aside for meditation.

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