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Download 86 Life Answers. Gemini by John Mesina PDF

... Change your activity or location. When you feel an unpleasant mood coming on, distract yourself by reading or doing a crossword puzzle.

But, your tendency to juggle too many jobs at once often breeds time-consuming disorganization that adds minutes, even hours, to simple tasks. To free up more time, develop your hidden strengths—tenacity, caution, intuition—by doing the following: 1) Your versatility and restlessness often lead you to take on too much, skip over details and not set aside enough time to finish things properly. If you stick to one thing, check facts and follow through, time-consuming errors will disappear. ” Making sure your schedule can oblige another’s demands before offering to assist will keep you from over-committing.

Gemini hands are expressive and an attractive asset when accented by eye-catching rings, graceful gestures and well-manicured nails... Your poise, youthful charm and indifference to class issues makes you appealing to your type of partner... You ignite a man’s fire with gentle playfulness as long as you’re careful not to be overly talkative to satisfy your own need for intellectual stimulation. 43 How to recapture your Gemini youth You were born with characteristics that put a unique stamp on your personality.

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