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Download 52 Fir Plywood Home Storage Plans by Douglas Fir Plywood Association PDF

By Douglas Fir Plywood Association

Fifty two Fir Plywood domestic garage Plans

You can construct something with Fir Plywood.

My personal experiment. plenty of excellent mid-century glossy woodworking plans.

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Extra info for 52 Fir Plywood Home Storage Plans

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REQ'D A B 1 2 1 2 2 2 c D E F G H 1 3 K L M N 2 4 4 9 Lin. Ft. 1 Only 1 Pc. 4" See Drawings 32" Long As Required PART IDENTIFICATION Desk lid Side Top Drawer Front Inside Drawer Front Drawer Back Divider Between Drawers Bottom Shelf Shelf Vertical Divider Back of Unit Drawer Bottom Drawer Side Vertical Dividers Drawer Supports Wrought Iron Frame Piano Hinge Chain or lid-Support Miscellaneous- 6d Finish Nails and Glue 3/16" Machine Bolts as required H MM K NN NN c l/2"x •'-O"x 4'-0" OVERHANG RIGHT SIDE OF LEFT DRAWER AND LEF0DE OF RIGHT DR.

Install 1 11 pole with ordinary closet rod ferrules, sand joints, hang door and lid, and firush as recommended. Be sure to seal all door edges well and fiillsh both faces alike. II I SECTION J K B 1 6 M N A B CUTTING DIAGRAMS ALL INTERIOR A-D 6 1 2 Lin. Ft. 2 Lin. Ft. 1 Pr. ~PIYWOOD LID DETAIL ~••m•~ CORNER CLIPS VINYL fABRIC ON 1/2' PLYWOOD rxl' LEDGER ALL AROUND 13-1/2" 17-3/4" CROSS SECTION CUTTING DIAGRAM c A A 1f2"x4'-0"x4'-0" INTERIOR A-D CORNER DETAIL ®. Here is an excellent project for beginners in woodworking.

T FRONT ELEVATION ,y,y, til· -"-l'z· l J 30" 1 NAIL 1/2" QTR. RD. TO CABINET CE~ENT 1/2" FELT STRIP TO DOOR END ELEVATION 49 PARTS SCHEDULE Even the most critical journeyman carpenter would be proud to own this tool chest. By keeping tools in orderly arrangement and by protecting cutting edges, it saves time and contributes to good workmanship. To withstand the stress of being moved frequently with the weight it carries, dadoed or rabbeted joints fastened with glue and nails are specified throughout.

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