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Download 02.Antennas and Propagation by John G. Webster (Editor) PDF

By John G. Webster (Editor)

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ISO 10303-31 :1994

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1(a)] or delayed in time by an increasing amount from left to right so that the rightmost signal radiates last. The figure shows how radiation from each element adds in space so as to create an outgoing wave with an appropriate scan angle. Although not shown in the figure, the array power divider usually provides equal line lengths from the source to each element because this leads to optimum system bandwidth. The power divider can also be used to control the signal amplitude at each element. This unequal power division is called amplitude “tapering,” and it provides for sidelobe control.

The design of variable phase shifters depends on the expression of the variable shift with respect to a specific position or applied bias magnetic field or current. In all cases, the procedures depend on the topology of the device and its mathematical model. Ferrite Phase Shifters Ferrite phase shifters are common in power applications in waveguide technology. The ferrite phase shifter is the result of combining two properties of this medium: the dependency of the velocity of the propagating waves on the direction of propagation and the application of a bias magnetic field.

Be used to control time delay devices. In a phase shifter, the added sections of line are all a fraction of a wavelength long, so that the longest electrical path difference through the device is, as described earlier, one bit less than 360 degrees longer than the shortest path. A time delay device, however, needs to represent many wavelengths of delay, and it in fact needs to insert lengths of line comparable to the physical length of the array. Such devices are often lossy, complex, bulky, and costly but may be essential for wideband array performance depending on array size and scan requirements.

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